Friday, 13 December 2013

Friday 13-12-2013 stock market tips nad Updates| Sensex and nifty trading tips | nifty updates| nse and bse sectors updates

The fall in the rupee is increasing continuously. Today, the rupee has gone up to 62. The rupee declined 29 cents to open at 62.10. The rupee had closed at 61.81 on Thursday.

Sensex and nifty both indexes are opens at good side with good trading prices, and its opening price is 20867.17 points upside and its last previous closed price is 20925.61 points. Sensex moves down side with low -124.36 points downwards side and stands with 20801.25 points and if we move on Bse sectors, so Bse Metal sector looking at down side with -22.49 points lower side and traded with lower points and only one company in whole sector which is traded at upper side with good trading prices and has 0.92 points positive chnage.

Nifty also opens with decresed points and traded at lower side. Nifty opens with 6201.30 points and its last closed price is 6237.05 points. Nifty recently traded at lower side with -40.90 points down side and stands with 6196.15 points in negative zone.

Nse Energy sector is traded at down side with low prices, and only Caim India, IOC, and ONGC all are three traded at positive side with optimistic prices and remaning all companies are in negative zone.

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