Monday, 23 December 2013

Monday Indian Stock Market Trading Tips and Updates| Sensex and Nifty Tips| Stock Tips for 23-12-2013

Sensex and Nifty both are traded at upside with green shade and traded at above side, but both in morning time opens with dull points, nifty opening price is least as compared to its last closed price, and sensex also opens with low side and opens with little bit incremented side.

Sensex opens with 21080.54 points little bit above side, and its last previous closed price is 21079.72 points. Sensex in morning time currently seeing with positive points and going upside with 78.01 points upside and recently stands with 21157.73 points.

If we move on Nifty, so today nifty opens with very dull prices but recently traded at upside with good green points and going above side with 22.65 incremented points. Nifty in morning time opens with 6267.20 points and its last previous closed price is 6274.25 points.

Bse Metal sector is grow upside with good optimistic points and recently in morning time all companies of this sector is going above side with goo positive prices. Bse Auto sector is traded at above side with good prices and has 68.24 points increment. M&M and MRF both companies are traded at lower side with low points.

If we talk about Nse Pharma sector so it is going upside with 56.90 points upside and only Lupin and Piramal Enter both of two companies are going down side and remaning all companies are going above side.

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