Thursday, 16 July 2015

Today indian stock and commodity market tips and updates for 16 july 2015

On Thursday sensex and nifty has fantastic leads in indian stock market and stay in positive zone. Sensex index, recently goes upside with 134.72 points and stands with 28333.01 points,while morning time, sensex opens with 28,259.70 points and its last previous closed price is 28198.29.

Otherside if we talking about nifty performance, so nifty opens with 8546.15 points and its previous closed price is 8523.80 points. Recently nifty groom with 41.50 incremented points and stands with 8565.30 points.

Otherside, mcx commodity market looking with green gloom and traded at upside but some of commodities like, Gold and Silver, Lead and Cotton all are stands at down side with negative prices.

At 11:20 AM Commodities Positions>>> GOLD -77.00, SILVER -101.00, CRUDE oIL + 1.00, NATURAL GAS +0.50, MENTHA OIL +2.20, COTTON -30.00, LEAD -0.25, COPPER +1.55, NICKEL +3.80


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