Friday, 3 January 2014

Today Morning stock market Updates and Tips | Sensex and Nifty trading Updates for 3-12-13

Today In Indian stock Market both indexes sensex and nifty opens with dull side with negative points. Sensex and nifty both are going at above side with low prices and traded at down side with low prices.

Sensex in morning time opens with low prices and also traded in negative zone. Sensex opening price is 20819.58 points above side and its last closed price is 20888.33 points. Recently sensex going down side -54.75 points down side.

Nifty also opens with down points and traded at down side with low points. Its opening price is 6194.55 points and its last closing price is 6221.15 points. Nifty recently going down side with -16.60 points down side.

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